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Skating the New Way
by Robert Kiener, Vermont Life Magazine
Skating to New York
by Jamie Hess, Vermont Sports Today
The Rush of Black Ice
by Amy Engeler, Condé Nast Traveler
Skating on the Wild Side
by Eric Teed, Adirondack Sports
Skate Wild in New England
by Tim Neville, Outside Online
Adventurer: Wild Skating
by Diane Daniel, The New York Times
Skate the long way
by Clare Innes, The Boston Globe
Lames Nordiques (Nordic Blades)
by Gaétan Fontaine, Géo Plein Air
Innovations in Adventure: Nordic Skating
by Cameron Walker,
Flying Feet
by Peggy Shinn, Rutland Herald
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No More Clunky Old Toe-crushers
by James Gorman, The New York Times
Black Ice
by Kevin Paul Dupont, The Boston Globe
On Thick Ice
by Marty Basch, The Boston Globe
Put Yourself On Ice
by Fred Zahradnik, Men's Health Magazine
Roughing it on ice
by Jerry Zgoda, Minneapolis Star-Tribune
What's Nordic Skating?
by Jamie Hess, Vermont Sports Today
Winter's Newest Edge
by Greg Melville, Outside Magazine
Alberta's Sylvan Lake Marathon
by Treena Mielke, Eckville Echo
Marathon Skating Championship
by Jamie Hess, Vermont Sports Today
Training for an Ultramarathon
by Mark Kandola