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Nordic Skating: Top Destinations
by Tim Neville
Introduction | Lake Champlain |
More North American Ice Zones | Europe All the Way
lake morey, vermont
Lake Morey, April 2004: Last season's lake-skating season
in Vermont lasted four months, a new record. (Jamie Hess)

Beyond Champlain, Canyon Ferry Lake near Helena, Montana, and Sylvan Lake in Alberta, Canada, are recommended by wild-skating pioneers like Jamie Hess. Canyon Ferry gets that dry, cold winter to buff the ice smooth with relatively little snow. The lake is 28 miles long and will highlight why they call this Big Sky country. Sylvan Lake, located halfway between Calgary and Edmonton, is home to a six-mile-long maintained loop. Since folks are out there regularly keeping it smooth and testing its quality, there's little worry of plunging through. Lastly, Lake Morey near Fairlee, Vermont, about 15 minutes north of Norwich, has this country's longest, maintained loop: about two miles.

Jamie Hess is a wealth of information on wild skating and is happy to answer questions about where to go, what to bring, and what to look out for. He imports special wild-skating safety gear from Sweden and runs tours on some of New England's lakes throughout the winter. He can be contacted at: info@nordicskater.com or 866-244-2570, or you can visit the website, www.nordicskater.com.


Introduction | Lake Champlain |
More North American Ice Zones | Europe All the Way
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Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Budget: $$
Season: December to March

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