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Lake Morey in Fairlee, Vermont
Longest ice skating trail in the USA (4 miles long)
Home of the Lake Morey Skateathon
Start of a 25-kilometer race on Lake Morey
Wild skating on Nordic Skates across an ungroomed section of Lake Morey.
Click here to learn more about recreational Nordic Skating events. Lake Morey in Vermont's Green Mountains is typically frozen solid from December to April. Surrounded by a wilderness of steep, forested hillsides that protect it from winter winds, Lake Morey is surprisingly accessible, just off Interstate 91 at Exit 15 in Fairlee, Vermont.
Every winter, Lake Morey hosts numerous recreational events, plus an international competition: Skate Vermont. Lake Morey also offers America's longest recreational ice skating trail, maintained by the
Lake Morey Resort with support from
Nordic Skater and the Upper Valley Trails Alliance.
The trail runs all the way around the lake, from the Hulbert Outdoor Center at the north end to the Lake Morey Resort in the south, with a shortcut across the middle in case you only want to go half way.
2019 Lake Morey skating events:
January & February: Nordic Skating Workshops
Sun., Jan. 20: Lake Morey Skate-athon
More Lake Morey photos: Page 1 .. Page 2
Marathon skaters in a paceline on the Lake Morey trail.
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Host facility of the Lake Morey Skateathon
Wild skating on an ungroomed part of the lake.
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Marathon skaters round a curve on Olympic style speed skates.
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