The Details
To book a trip to Austria, contact the Nordic Skater in Vermont (802-649-3939 or A complete tour package, including lodging, airfare, and ground transportation, is $1,099. (The Nordic Skater also organizes trips to most other marathon-skate destinations.).


The Dates
December 20-21, Tomahawk Lake Marathon, Minocqua, Wisconsin. Race a full or half marathon around the shores of scenic Tomahawk Lake.

January 16-19, National Marathon Championships, Lake Morey, Vermont. Amateur events from 1 to 100 kilometers.

January 24-31, Marathon Skating Week at Weissensee Lake, Techendorf, Austria. The biggest event of its kind in the world. 50-K, 100-K, and 200-K events take place on January 24, 28 and 31.

February 1-9, Vikingarannet, Sweden. Race the 80-K on Lake Malaren between Uppsala and Stockholm.

February 7-8, Lac Beauport Marathon, Québec City, Canada. Events include 25-K, 50-K, and a skate-ski duathlon.

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The Lifesavers
Never skate alone or on untested ice. At marathon skating events, experts check ice thickness with special equipment. And even though the ice is groomed, it still contains bumps and cracks that can upend you. This is especially true of skating in a pack, because your forward view is obscured. Knees take the most impact in falls, so wear lightweight pads. Sport glasses with high-impact lenses are necessary to protect eyes from the wind and ice chips. To prevent frostbite, cover exposed skin.


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