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Is there a frozen canal or lake nearby? Or do you skate on an indoor rink?
What makes Nordic Skates better than hockey or figure skates?
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Skate models include: Zandstra, Lundhags and Isvidda clip-on models for cross-country ski boots.
Buckle-on adult and junior models for hiking boots and telemark ski boots.
Nordic Skater will help you choose the right skates. Just call them toll-free at (866) 244-2570 or email.
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Zandstra Delta & NIS blades (right)
are made of Dutch speedskate steel rated at 60 on the Rockwell hardness scale. Harder and sharper, they stay sharp much longer than softer steel blades.
Delta & NIS 40S, 43M, 45L, 48XL (17",18",19",20").
Call (866) 244-2570 to order.

Delta Round Tip 41 cm (16") only.
Call (866) 244-2570 to order.
Zandstra Delta NIS blade
Zandstra Delta Fit-All blade

Lundhags Nordic Skate ice blade
with Salomon Carbon Pro boot
Lundhags T-Skates and Nordic Skates (left) are designed for cross-country touring on
Sweden's 100-mile-long lakes.
Rockwell hardness is 57.
NEW T-Skate 45 & 50 cm (17",19").
CLOSEOUT Nordic Skate 40 cm (15") only.
CLOSEOUT Cruise 53 cm (20") only.
Call (866) 244-2570 to order.
Isvidda Nordic Skates (right) are the most popular blades for cross-country touring on frozen lakes.
Isvidda blades are used at all
Nordic Skating workshops and 'demo days'.
40,45,50,55 cm lengths (15"-21").
Call (866) 244-2570 to order.
Our most popular blades
are Isvidda Nordic Skates.

Isvidda Nordic Skates
are available with either
Salomon or NNN bindings

Nordic Skating Boots ... 7 brands:
Alpina ... Atomic ... Hartjes
Lundhags ... Madshus
Rossignol ... Salomon
Lundhags Cruise ice blade
with Lundhags X-Pro boot
Lundhags Cruise ice blades (left) are designed for back-country touring on
Sweden's 100-mile-long lakes.
53 cm (20 inch) length.
Call (866) 244-2570 to order.
Nordic Skating Backpacks
Nordic Skating Knee Pads
Nordic Skating Hats
Zandstra Wood Nordic Skates (right) are the original clip-on skates designed for cross-country ski boots. Hardwood platforms are compatible with Salomon Profil Auto or Rottefella NNN-TM bindings.
Length: 44 cm (17 inches).
Colors: Blue or Natural.
More Accessories:
Nordic Skating Poles
Nordic Skating Safety Gear
Ice Claws & Lifelines
Windstop Undergarments
Zandstra Wood Nordic Skate ice blade
with Hartjes Nagano Elite Touring boot
Lundhags Multiskates
Lundhags Fleet and Lundhags Multiskate blades have heavy-duty padded bindings with ratcheting buckles and quick release. Maximum security and stability! Adjustable bindings fit all shapes and sizes of boots. Swedish steel blade curves up at the tip just like a ski for smooth gliding across bumps, cracks, snow-covered ice.
40 cm (15") for kids; 45 cm (17") for women;
50 cm (19") for men;
55 cm (21") for ice sailing.

Call (866) 244-2570 to order.