Nordic Skating on the Connecticut River
on the Vermont-New Hampshire border
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Pentathlon des Neiges Feb. 20-28, 2016
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Skiking on a dirt road in Vermont
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Nordic Skating Workshops
in Vermont, Jan.-Feb. 2016
Adirondack Winterfest
Lake Placid, NY, Sat., Jan. 9
Lake Morey Skate-athon
Lake Morey, Vermont, Sun., Jan. 17
Festi-Glace in Joliette, Québec
February 3-7
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Winterlude: Ottawa's Carnival
Jan 29-Feb 15
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The Great Skate
Newport, Vermont, Sat., Feb. 13
Squam Winterfest
Holderness, NH, Sat., Feb. 13
Silver Skate Festival & Triathlon
Edmonton, Alberta, Feb. 12-21